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New here

Yesterday installed Q4OS Trinity on an old (2010 vintage) 250 gb HD using a USB connection as a backup OS for myself but mainly as a test to see if our neighbour likes it before installing on his soon to be extinct Win 10 laptop.

Been looking for a distribution with a familiar look and feel and a low hardware requirement. Well impressed so far. Obviously not as fast as my laptop is with Linux Mint Mate edition on an internal SSD but its not half bad.

Will be doing more set up work over the next few days before letting the neighbours loose on my laptop as a test but so far there appears to be no hitches and everything seemed to be in a logical place. RAM use at idle is as low as I have seen at about 300 mb. When I say more set up that is a bit unfair really, strait out of the box everything seemed to work, so far only had to activate the firewall, Install Chromium, UBlock, gparted, create users and sort number lock. Took no more than 15 minutes.

Why have I tried Trinity? Have tried KDE earlier this year on a different distribution I found it way better than the hateful Gnome 42 and Cinnamon (both had high RAM demands and were very laggy) but once I tried Mate I immediately saw it did all I need and seemed smoother than KDE (on my 10 year old laptop). Having tried other supposed low resource OS before (such as XFCE) I was a bit sceptical since XFCE used as much RAM as Cinnamon. But Trinity seems to do what it says on the tin and looks perfect for my needs.

Will be back soon with news and possibly questions.


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Re: New here

KDE on Q4OS is pretty light and runs a lot better than most other KDE Debian based distros Ive tried. Certainly TDE is very light and great for older hardware.

Q4OS Aquarius 5.1 KDE   Lenovo Thinkcentre M900 Tiny i5-6500T, 16gb ddr4 ram, 512gb m.2 ssd


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