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Attempted dual boot going straight to q4os

I am setting up q4os on an old macbook pro (2012). It came preinstalled with catalina. I followed a tutorial on HowToGeek called "How to Install and Dual Boot Linux on a Mac." (I would link it but it won't let me.)

and installed rEFInd, created a partition, made a bootable thumb drive with Etcher, and continued with installation.

When I had my thumb drive completed, I booted the computer with the thumb drive inserted, and it took me to the rEFInd screen, allowing me to select between mac and the new install. I followed the install... and everything went swimmingly.... until reboot. Now, when I shut down the computer, it goes straight to q4os without loading rEFInd first. How can I fix this and boot my Macintosh partition when I want to?


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