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Q4OS KDE vs Debian KDE

Hey, I am a new Linux user who has some experience with KDE Neon, but would like to switch to a more stable version. I've not managed to find a detailed comparison of the two, so I am stuck on deciding which one I should choose (Q4OS vs Debian). I would imagine Debian has less issues but Q4OS offers a more specialized KDE experience? But I don't really know.. Please help me out with the decision.


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Re: Q4OS KDE vs Debian KDE

You need to research further, it seems: Q4OS is Debian 11 based, it offers KDE -- along with TDE -- as desktop environment.


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Re: Q4OS KDE vs Debian KDE

KDE Neon, from what I understand from their site, keeps their software pieces for KDE up-to-date, and I believe used the term "cutting edge." I don't know about you, but I don't like getting cut. :-) The version of KDE with Q4OS, I believe is 5.20 while KDE Neon is 5.25.x (i.e., cutting edge, you might bleed). :-)

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Re: Q4OS KDE vs Debian KDE

KDE Neon = Ubuntu LTS + Latest release of KDE Plasma (KDE Neon is actually released by the KDE Developers)
Q4OS KDE = Debian KDE + a bunch of tools to make using it easier and a few tweaks to make it look better
Debian KDE  = plain Jane KDE with no customization or tools by default.  It's as "basic" as you're getting.

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Re: Q4OS KDE vs Debian KDE

Seeing that Q4OS and newcomer Titan are both based on Debian 11, maybe they should team up to make a greater "toolbox".

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