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Movie-DVD choppy on old notebook


I want to use an (very) old notebook for travel to play a movie from DVD,a simple game (OpenTransportTycoon) and maybe little bit google.

Acer Aspire 1406 LC
Pentium 4 with 2,5GHz
512 MB RAM
ATI mobilty Radeon
30 GB Ultra ATA/100 HDD

The original OS was Windows XP.

Q4OS (q4os-4.8-i386-instcd.r1) work basicaly,
but I have problems with playing movie from DVD (original, not special videocodecs).

The videos are choppy, particulary in scenes with camera movement or action.
Sound is ok.

The CPU Load is up to 80-85% from Player and the complete system is near 100%.

I have tested different players VLC, Codeine, Gmerlin, KMPlayer, .... and some configurations (hardware acceleration,..).
Multimedia codecs are installed.

Also I tried the "How to Fix AMD GPU Radeon Screen Tearing in Debian, Linux Mint and Ubuntu" (Youtube: Neon Cipher)
I dont see a difference.

And after this "How to Install AMD GPU Radeon Driver in Debian" (Youtube: Neon Cipher)
It show me the graphic driver is correct and last version.

Is there any idea or is this notebook finally to old?
(I remember my old PC P3-500 MHz, 256MB RAM and Windows 98 and play a DVD was possible )

Thank you for your help.


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