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Touch Screen problems with 2nd screen

Hi All,
I am using Q4OS Trinity and all works fine when I installed it in a POSIFLEX computer with its touch screen. The touch screen works fine in parallel with the mouse.

The problem appears when I installed a 2nd VGA screen. The 2nd screen is correctly detected using the Screen resize and rotate utility, and I managed to extend the desktop.

All works fine except the fact that the touch screen mouse appears out of calibration.

From what I see, the touch screen, which is only hardware active on the 1st screen, "maps" the screen zone as if it thought the screen were the physical addition of both screens. Therefore when you touch somewhere in the 1st screen, the cursor and mouse press is appearing shifted to the right. In other words, the computer thinks that the touch screen area of screen 1 has to map the touch screen cursor in both screens, which is wrong.

I have dual boot and in Windows it works as it should: the touch screen maps the cursor only in the first screen.
It is a pity since the POSIFLEX is my "kitchen computer" and operating it with the touch screen is damn practical. I have to live with a side mouse, which works fine, or leave it with a single screen, which is a limitation especially when I use the 2nd screen to watch TV / videos while I browse other stuff in the 1st screen.

Has anybody else noticed something alike and has found a possible solution or workaround ?
Thanks in advance for the answer.


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