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Dual boot Windows 10 Legacy and Q4OS Gemini - what is EFI partition?


I want to install Q4OS Gemini Trinity alongside Win10 through manual partition option, so I can set root, swap, and home. I already did it on several computers without problem (not Gemini, earlier versions).

However, on this laptop, I have installed Q4OS through manual partition option, but I didn't set EFI partition (there was a message, but I thought that installation will take care of it by itself). Thus, installation finished and after restart I couldn't start neither Win10 nor Q4OS. Message was something like: no proper boot, restart, insert boot etc. The point is that I probably installed Q4OS as UEFI, so something went wrong.

After that I have tried to reinstall Q4OS, it does recognize EFI and MBR, but if I choose replace partition option, it wants to create EFI at USB Live location (sdb) and to start Q4OS from there. I think that EFI should be at sda (hard disk), but I'm really just guessing here.

I tried again manual partition and created fat32 partition with boot and esp flags, yet installation failed.

At that moment, I used Win10 usb to repair boot and now Win10 works.

If I disable CMS in BIOS, after restart always BIOS starts. So, I guess I have Win10 legacy installation.

How to install Q4OS with manual partition? Where is EFI partition? Do I choose Win10 boot partition as EFI partition? I really don't know what to do. I have seen commands to install grub and efi, but that seems like an overkill if I'm starting from scratch. I do not want to reinstall Win10. I just want to choose partition for Q4OS, to install it, and then through grub to choose either linux or windows.


I have found this and this It is No bootable device after install scenario. That has happened to me. I will copy this post in that topic.

Administrators may delete this. Sorry for the trouble.


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