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It's been almost 5 years since I've tried Q4OS. But I recently revived an old desktop that I had lying around as I wanted to convert 250+ CDs to flac, and laptops have notoriously bad CD players/burners.

So I've got Gemini Trinity running on this dinosaur (I'm using it to type this) and it works pretty well! I got a 2-disk LVM setup without issue, and installed the Seafile and Seadrive clients so that I could sync to my Ubuntu Seafile server. I use links 2 for a browser (wherever possible), have the DeadBeeF music playes, and stole MX-Conky as Debian Bullseye and Conky don't mix well out of the box.

CPU: Single Core Intel Celeron (-MCP-) speed: 3067 MHz
Kernel: 5.10.0-11-amd64 x86_64 Up: 12m Mem: 599.8/1918.7 MiB (31.3%)
Storage: 381.94 GiB (376.2% used) Procs: 140 Shell: Bash inxi: 3.3.01

Well done and thank you to the Devs on a damn fine OS!

Mike in Jo'burg

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Re: Returning User

Thanks for sharing and enjoy the OS smile


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