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#1 2021-10-11 08:52

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Expand the disk, if you have installed via Windows installer

1. First make a backup.

2. Edit file "c:\linux64\debian11\install\preseed.cfg" with administrator permissions and modify the line:

debian-installer/disksize1 string <size_in_megabytes>

Change "size_in_megabytes" to a desired value. Make sure disk size doesn't exceed free disk space.

3. Run in Windows terminal:

fsutil file seteof c:\linux64\debian11\disks\root.disk <size_in_megabytes*1024*1024>

4. Remove the file "c:\linux64\debian11\install\stp_disk1expanded.stp".

5. Reboot to Linux, the disk will be resized upon boot.

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#2 2022-10-09 10:07

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Re: Expand the disk, if you have installed via Windows installer

On a phone screen, that fsutil line just shows "size in megabytes". It resized my 20gb root.disk file to a 50k one.

It's only then that I realise the backup I had is actually a year old. Everything is lost, and because it was resized rather than deleted, there's nothing file recovery software can do. 2 years of use, and 1 year of it vanished in a single tap of the Enter key. The most annoying thing is I'm sure all the data is still sitting on the hard drive, but it's impossible to access. Sigh.

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