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[Tutorial] Customize Systemback Grub Install Menu

If you didn't know, you can use Systemback to make a full, bootable backup of your system
you can also change the text, and background image of the grub installer on the ISO

After backing up your system with systemback, you're left with a .sblive file, open this archive in xarchiver or similar
go into syslinux folder and extract 'splash.png' and 'syslinux.cfg'
(systemback will rename this to isolinux/isolinux.cfg during ISO conversion)

replace splash.png with your image (640x480 png)
edit syslinux.cfg to match your fork/respin name (change the lines starting with "menu label" and "menu title")
add new files to archive

(if you don't wanna change the label, just replace the splash.png in /usr/share/systemback)

open systemback, select "Create Live System" then "Convert To ISO"



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