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Moving on from Q4OS

I have been using Q4OS 3.11 for several months and was for the most part pleased with the performance.
Whilst using the trinity edition for whatever reason sometimes starting the laptop there was a wireless bug; could see the network but could not connect.  This was solved by a simple restart.  I can't remember if this happened on all my laptops, but I have recently noticed laptops broadcom adapters really benefit from dkms custom propriatery kernel drivers.  Found that out whilst trying Linux Lite which for those who don't know is basically a custom version of Ubuntu and XFCE. 

Then whilst using the KDE version of Q4OS I encountered a freezing bug while browsing, and it got annoying after a while.  This mostly pertains to Chrome based browsers, can't verify if it applies to Mozilla.   It could be related to power saving malfunction.  Power saving being one of Q4OS's specialty.  By comparison Linux Lite sucks power like mad cow disease. 

As you all know, Linux users love to bounce.  So I bounced to Linux Lite and found it to be too bloated, bugless and power sucking.
Traditionally at this point, I would have built my own Debian/Ubuntu distro from scratch, but my netbook has pesky recent wireless hardware.  However, I found that Bohdi HWE 5.1-0.6 support my wireless card.  Bodhi Linux is essentially Ubuntu + Englightment Compositing Window Manager + Moksha Desktop.  Moksha is crap, and enlightenment good since its the lightest compositing window manager.  So I remove the crap such as moksha/login manager/sound server/gvfs.  Now everyone who has custom built Linux will know if you remove Moksha, what's left; similar to Openbox box at worst a black background with a right or left click menu.  So knowing this in advance, we can install tint2 so we have some kind of menu bar at the bottom and we can use nitrogen etc to set some background.  Removing gvfs that does away with a lot of file managers that depend on it; you need to use a modern file manager like pcmanfm-qt.  So that is how I shall start my new setup. 

The other benefit to using a Ubuntu base is that there are several custom kernels available which will speed my laptop quite nicely.


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Re: Moving on from Q4OS

I use to use Bodhi all the time but when they went to Moksha I got frustrated and frankly didnt come back to it. Glad you were able to make it work for you and yes, their are some advantages to Ubuntu for some users.

Q4OS Aquarius 5.1 KDE   Lenovo Thinkcentre M900 Tiny i5-6500T, 16gb ddr4 ram, 512gb m.2 ssd


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