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Browser URL - QR Code visualizing?

I use Threema-Chat Groups for a fast communication (and safe) in the team.
I read the internet via on my Desktop.

Cool would be:

If my browser can show direct the QR Code (like the Trinity Icon in the right upper corner now).

So, if I like to share this page in the Threema-Chat, I just take the QR-Code via the mobile and ready!

What I do today?

1 google
2 search QR code generator
3 copy URL
4 paste URL in QR code generator
5 generate QR code
6 scan the QR code with the mobile
7 share link inside the Threema Chat

Can I do it better?

For the inspiration: QR-Codes can also embed some Logo's. Probably if the Trinity-Logo is merged, Trinity becomes over the time more valuable (neuromarketing recognition effect...).

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