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Installing Centaurus over Scorpion - keeping user home - brilliant!

Whilst testing an issue with the nvidia 340 installation process I found myself re-installing a few times.

Re-using the same home/user worked fine and maintained my preferred look and feel - Scorpion over Scorpion.

Then went on to install Centaurus - again using the same user/home. Deleted the 2 files that allowed first login to run as normal and then just carried on with the install.


Login - hang on - it's all different - where are all my config files??????

Then I see a new folder of dot file backups - which contains - well, my dot files! I didn't do that so it must have been part of the install.

This kind of care and attention to detail is just one of the many little differences that makes Q4OS just that bit special.

Thanks guys!

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