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for a simpleton with poor memory using Juno on POTS?

On's description of Q4OS this caught my eye: "classic-style user interface (Trinity) and simple accessories". Did distrowatch come up with this out of the blue, or is there a better reason for this description? I didn't spot it anywhere on Neither seems Google.

I'm very familiar with TDE, as I've been a KDE3 user more than 15 years. I have TDE on at least 30 installations of openSUSE, Mageia, Fedora, *buntu and Debian, and am anticipating moving my primary to TDE from KDE3 at next OS upgrade (to openSUSE 15.1 from 42.3, so relatively soon). So, this query is not for me as a "user", but as an "admin" for a user described by $SUBJECT, in the hope of saving some time through simplification, giving "user" less opportunity to destroy or suffer frustration.

"user" is a Juno free 10 hours/month user - no wireless, no broadband, only POTS, thus no usable remote access. His Sony Vaio CR Series VGN CR290 had Vista. I eliminated that a week ago, but find selecting a replacement more troublesome.

Am I on target to select Q4OS for such a user? Has anyone here tried to make Juno work in TDE? What about Netzero? Any better suggestions?


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Re: for a simpleton with poor memory using Juno on POTS?

I have a VGN AR31S and it runs Q4OS very nicely.
You'll need the ppp packages to configure the dial up connection.
Assuming the machine already has a built in modem that works with Vista there is a hope it will work with linux.
Configuring dial-up is well documented on the web generally, worst case scenario may be having to track down an external modem - US Robotics are still in business and I know from experience they work well.

The other option would be tethered connection on a smartphone - depends on reception, or a 4G Modem.


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