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problem installing EDIMAX WIFI DONGLE

Hi everyone,
I wonder if someone can help me.

I just installed Q4OS in an old Acer L3600. My wifi router seams to be recognized as it shows as an available connection. However internet is not working, as it doesn´t connect to the PC.
I then read somewhere that Linux OS sometimes have problems with wireless internet connections. So I bought the Edimax EW-7811UN which was recommended for this case.
It comes with a mini-CD I believe with the drivers which I can´t install from the mini-Cd as my PC has a slot CD. It is a .zip format file
So I have coppied it to a USB stick and past it into "Documents" folder in my computer...but when I double click to open and install it start openning "Konsole" windows until the end of time...easily can open a hundred in less than a minute.
How can I solve this? I just need to install the driver to check if I will be able to use internet.

Besides when I first boot my PC with Q4OS from a USB flash there was an icon in the desktop that said "Install Q4OS" what it did was to install the Q4OS in my computer replacing shitty Windows Vista. Which I am happy for it...but if I can´t make internet there any way to revert that?
Sorry for maybe a couple of silly questions, but I am quite new to Linux OS and an average PC user...

Kind Regars people
David RG


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Re: problem installing EDIMAX WIFI DONGLE

That specific wireless USB dongle model seems to be somewhat problematic on Linux. It should work out of the box without installing anything. Searching I found many references to issues and the following, although a somewhat difficult workaround is proposed (on Linux Mint, ubuntu based). Maybe it helps: … -mint-18.1

Perhaps using an updated kernel solves it without the above procedure but I really don't know. You'll have to try. Or use other make/model wireless USB dongle.

jotapesse - Obrigado / Thank you.


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