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#1 2019-04-01 18:55

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Full featured desktop profile refused to install!

Good day!
I have installed Q4OS 2.7 x64 r4 on my old Acer Aspire E1-522 notebook. The initial installation has gone fine, but, when I have chosen to install Full featured desktop profile, the installation process just stopped at the point, which is shown on screenshots. I have been waiting for 25 minutes, but nothing happened during this period, so I was forced to stop the desktop profile installation. sad
In another words, Full featured desktop profile refused to install. The installation process stopped in the middle. … GmgeIP23XZ - I choose the profile … nuU8d73BpN - Installation process stopped sad … 6EdYCfDPXT - Just closer look... … za8KStS52O - Still no progress... … lyoB9DPcpI - I still waiting...but still no progress...
Profile stopped on Triggers are processed for menu sad
Any ideas, how to solve this issue?
Forgot to say, that after stopping Full featured desktop profile installation, reboot, package system fix, I was able to install The BASIC Q4OS Desktop Profile.

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Re: Full featured desktop profile refused to install!

Desktop profiler could crash, or some hardware failure could occur. We are not able to reproduce such an issue, did anyone else notice that ? Some APT triggers might take quite a long time, especially for slower harddrives, or heavy loaded systems. Did your hdd show a raised strain throughout the trigger process ?

Anyway, you can safely repeat the full profile installation more times and report what happens. Please run htop process viewer to watch system load, and free as much as possible system resources throughout the desktop profiler run.


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Re: Full featured desktop profile refused to install!

Does the HDD speed play an important role in this? Do the older drives just take a lot of time to finish everything?


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