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#1 2019-03-20 19:00

That Random Guy
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Cannot Open/Use CD-Drive


I recently helped someone install Q4OS w/ TrinityDE on their old desktop.

Everything was going fine during install and post-install—however, due to circumstances, the minimal "packages" profile was chosen during setup. To be clearer, this was not the "minimal" option but rather the one that "just left Q4OS".

Things seemed to be running fine until they noticed that they could access their DVD-Drive but not their CD-Drive. Additionally, df showed that their DVD-drive was in fact mounted.

I checked under /dev and tried to mount what I felt made sense to mount but kept getting errors about no device being there to mount.

It's been verified that the CD-Drive does in fact still work as it's accessible (eject) in any other environment except for Q4OS (including BIOS).

I have a hunch that this might be due to a missing driver or something else not being configured properly (BIOS).

Any tips?

Addition Info:
OS installed: Q4OS Scorpion w/ TrinityDE (32-bit)
Device: PCV-RS310

P.S. - Due to me not having direct access to the machine 24/7, I won't be able to post details like uname -a until I get the chance. smile


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