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Centaurus 3.5

After a number of months away from Q4OS I finally have some hardware that will allow me to run something newer than Orion (much as I love it)

Now that Buster is getting very cold - if not frozen - it seemed a good idea to go straight to Centaurus. Actually essential because it allows me to run Gimp 2.10 with gegl4. 2.8 with gegl3 was crashy and horrible.

What a difference! Really great work and qudos to all involved.

Proper scalable icons rather than the old small-medium-large - brilliant
Desktop scaling - brilliant
Debonaire icon them - getting to like it - I'm old school but they're growing on me!

I have picked up on a few glitches along the way for which I will open different topics but just had to say thanks for the great work on this release.


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