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Q4OS Team
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Support for Armbian OS

We introduce Q4OS support for Armbian Stretch operating system . Armbian is a lightweight Debian based distribution specialized for ARM developing boards, Armbian supports wide variety of ARM minicomputers, see the list of supported devices .

Anyone will now be able to install Q4OS on top of Armbian Stretch OS, you only need to follow this guide . If you are looking for a lightweight and clean desktop on the ARM architecture, Q4OS could be a perfect alternative.

Supported ARM boards list:
Beelink X2, Orange Pi PC plus, Orange Pi Plus 2E, Orange Pi Lite, Roseapple Pi, NanoPi M1, NanoPi M1+, NanoPi Neo, NanoPi Neo2, NanoPi Duo, Le Potato, Espressobin, Pine64, soPine64, Pinebook A64, pcDuino2, pcDuino3, Odroid C0/C1/C1+, Banana Pi M2+, Hummingboard 2, Odroid C2, Orange Pi 2, Orange Pi One, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi PC2, Orange Pi Prime, Orange Pi Win, Orange Pi Plus 1 & 2, Clearfog, Lemaker Guitar, Odroid XU4, Odroid HC1, Udoo Neo, Banana Pi M2, Orange Pi A31S, Cubieboard 1, Cubieboard 2, Hummingboard, Lamobo R1, Banana Pi PRO, Orange Pi mini A20, Olimex Lime A10, Olimex Micro, Olimex Lime 2, pcDuino3 nano, Banana Pi Plus A20, Udoo quad, Orange Pi A20, Olimex Lime 1, Banana Pi, Cubox-i, Cubietruck, Tinker Board, Miqi, Rock64, and more ..


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