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For Revenue Generating Support - Open Doors to Business Clients

If you have someone who can make recommendations to others concerning configuration issues and troubleshooting problems with add-on programs; and make recommendations for a reasonable set price.  Tech - Guru - Master set price levels (or something like that). Your tech person could evaluate the $ reportq4 results and make recommendations.  You could use one of the many opensource helpdesk scripts to handle requests or in this forum.  Could also be by donation only too smile

For Example:  I installed GIMP, Simple Screen Recorder and Ksnpshot on my Q4OS pure install.  If I open all of these programs at the same time my x64 intel, 3GB mem, 2.2 Duo slows down to a crawl. Closing the programs in normal manner does not fix the slow performance. Maybe if I use kill command in terminal that would fix this issue but, I am not sure and very few people will know why this happens either.

Not only will this give you a revenue stream (if just a small amount). It would give me and valuable information as you post these fixes on the forum (if you so disire).  For those fixes that do get posted, I would create Kdialog Automated scripts to help users fix their problems without using the Terminal manually.

It would also allow Q4OS Team more exposure to your clients. Some of these clients will most likely be business owners or people in position to hire you. Could open doors to bigger things.

Just my idea for revenue stream and opening doors to businesses and possible business partners.


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