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Q4OS Centaurus 3.3 - testing release

A new updated image of the Q4OS Centaurus testing live media has been just released, its core is based on the latest Debian Buster testing and the latest Trinity Desktop 14.0.5 testing versions.

There are a few updates and fixes included in this Q4OS relase, the most important are as follows:
- The latest packages and fixes from Trinity desktop included.
- KDE5 Plasma, as one of the Q4OS alternative desktops, integration has been tuned and improved. Desktop profiler now offers Plasma installation, if detects hardware resources sufficient.
- Lookswitcher tool improvements and fixes and other Q4OS specific fixes.

Current users should be fine getting upgrade from regular Q4OS repositories. Nonetheless, we would recommend to perform a new fresh installation in case you want to check all the new features and improvements.

Keep in mind, this is a Testing release. Although it should be quite stable and usable, it is not completed yet. We don't recommend to use Q4OS Centaurus in production environments.

You can download the new live-CD image from the Q4OS Testing releases page:


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