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Installation of Q4OS on BBM system

I use a partition manager from a company called
TeraByte Unlimited on all of my systems. It is
called BBM and is a:

A: Partition manager
B: Boot manager
C: Image backup program

First of all it supplies a replacement for the
MBR called EMBR. This is not GRUB. You cannot
use GRUB or FDISK on a BBM system, you must
use ONLY the apps supplied with BBM.

There can be up to 255 active partitions which
are selected by the boot manager to boot from.

An operating system installation  CAN NOT repeat
CAN NOT mess with the EMBR. A boot module is
placed within the partition containing the OS.



That said I want to install Q4OS in a BBM partition.

The install procedure cannot mess with the EMBR/MBR.

Can this be done?

I would make a 100% image backup of the system
just in case. Which of the two ISOs should I use, the
350mb or the 583mb?



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Re: Installation of Q4OS on BBM system

Have you tried installing Q4OS without installing grub?

I know it can be one from the Live-Cd (570/578Mb) image by un-checking the install grub option but I'm not sure on the installation only (as I don't normally use it) but I would imagine it should give you the option (except for the "fully automated" install). I only see grub as being the problem but have no experience with BBM so could not say for certain.


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