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Q4OS frontend for the new Friend Network.

I posted in Off Topic even though this does refer to the use of Q4OS in my project. Its about an opensource system that is the 1st of its kind. I have been working on this project from the very start 3 years ago to provide a frontend access point using Q4OS for another project that really isn't Linux but, a replacement of the Internet as we know it; 1st META Online Operating System.

What I am referring to is Friend Network at  "The  Internet is your Computer".  I half way mentioned this concept a few months ago but, the Online System was in beta and has now been released as Ver. 1.0.0 and live demo is available.

I am not associated with the work of Friend Network but, using Q4OS I am going to add to their work.  Now comes my RaceOS.  "Remote Access Computer Environment Operating System" - Using Q4OS because it is "AWESOME FAST & Just Works"! on PCs and Raspberry Pi3,  I am able to provide an unofficial frontend to the Friend Network. The Concept is to provide a person with the added ability to host a domain name "ANY NAME" and a Joomla Website online only having to Configure Joomla Site Information and share it with interconnect friends on the Friend Network. And why do this ?  Say good-bye to Facebook !

I won't attempt to explain the Friend Network aspect but, it may be beneficial for others to take a look at this Online Operating System. Its a container within the Internet and a whole lot more. The provide a SDK IDE with 6 different languages to build applications that you can share to other Friends on your network.

My RaceOS is not available at this time but, it will be soon as I finish testing with the newly released FriendOS.

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