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About Terminal Tray

The only way I know to access the terminal tray is through Start Menu - Command Line that takes to terminal tray and when I try to apply a command line, for instance, to look for the reposition of the sound, that in my pc is on zero bits, it blocks and ask me for a password.
       So please be aware that the problem must be on the lacking of a password that I think only you can attribute it to me once I got to the URL and they told me that only on the forum I could solve the problem.
       So please tell me the password or a way to unblock the terminal tray in order to introduce command lines and go on with my process of installing applications.
       With no further details, and hoping to hear from you soon, I below subscribe,

                 Luis Sousa


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Q4OS Team
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Re: About Terminal Tray

You will find default terminal 'konsole' in Start Menu, please run it this way:
Start Menu -> Applications -> Programs -> Terminal Program (konsole)

Once you have ran the 'konsole', you can enter commands as 'root' superuser using 'sudo' command. You can, for example, get root console using this command:
$ sudo su
The only password you need is your user password, you have set during Q4OS installation process. There is no other password in the fresh Q4OS installation included.


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Re: About Terminal Tray

I wonder if the OP means that the bottom panel is locked and he cannot move the icons?

If so right click on bottom panel>unlock is the the answer

Plus of course 'sudo kcmodules --unlock' in order to get to all the config options


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