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Caution for New Users - Grub 2

Updated: Just want to say that selection / deselection of Grub2 on LiveCD i386 v.1.4.4 works as should. The only issue I have found with dual boot setup failure with Grub2 / Q4OS install is the below post:

To help others so they won't spend 4 hours like I did trying to figure why GRUB died after a Dual Boot installation of Q4OS

If you set up multiple boot partitions make sure and not to place any boot partition in an Extended Partition.

GRUB 2 does not support Embedded Partitions.

Q4OS (as well as most other Linux flavors) only supports a total of 4 Primary Partitions  (3 Primary + 1 Extended = 4)

However, you can have up to 16 partitions with a total of 4 Primary + 1 Extended with logical partitions within the Extended Partition.

In any case, standard naming conventions of /dev/sda1 --> /dev/sda16 limits you to 16 total partitions.

This is okay for GRUB2 BOOT LOADER

/dev/sda (hard drive 0)
Primary Ext4  /dev/sda1
Primary Ext4 /dev/sda2
Primary Swap /dev/sd3
   Extended --> Logical /dev/sd4 ---> /dev/sda16

The Swap partition in the above schema does not have to be the last partition to work correctly.

This is NOT a proper Partition schema for GRUB2

/dev/sda (hard drive 0)
Primary Ext4  /dev/sda1 (assigned as / root)
   Logical Partition Ext4 /dev/sda2 (assigned as / root)
   Swap /dev/sd3

Here is some discussion about this subject: … i-can-have

(Anyone is welcome to correct me on this subject as I am using 3rd party references that appear to be correct after researching subject)



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