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Install SketchUp 2016 using Wine & PlayOnLinux

Ok I have a working installation of SketchUp 2016 (32 bit) and it was pretty easy to get running once I figured out how to do it. smile

For anyone wanting to do the same, it is just a matter of installing wine from the Q4OS Software Centre, then download the installer (2016 32 bit is the latest I could get working) then start PlayOnLinux and select Install a program.

Next select Install a non-listed program from the bottom left of the dialog. At some stage you will get warnings about not running to WineHq if you have a problem installing something but you can click the "do not show" boxes to remove them from further installs.

Now click next from the welcome screen, and select install a program in a new virtual drive then click next.
Now give the program a name and click next.

Now comes the tricky bit (it was for me anyway), you now can choose which version of wine to use, configuration options and additional libraries to install, I selected all three boxes and click next.

If you have already installed different versions of wine you can now select which one to use, I initially chose system but then installed 2.6 later (and changed it after installation without issue).

After this select 32 bits windows installation and click next, Wine will now create the virtual space and offer to install any pre-requisites for you.

You will now be presented with the Wine Configuration dialog, the only thing I changed was the Windows version to be Windows 7 (minimum required for SU 16) and then click OK.

The next dialog is to choose additional libraries, I chose POL_Install_dotnet45 and clicked next, then I was offerd to have microsoft fonts installed and I answered yes and agreed to the terms.

Installing dotnet45 will take some time and it also appears to install dotnet 2, 3, 4 and then 4.5 so be prepared to wait a while. I had a file mismatch with dotnetfx3.exe so i chose not to retry and clicked next to continue and it carried on installing

After this I had to select the file for installation, this is where you will point to the file you previously downloaded and it will (should) run through the installation without issue (fingers crossed smile )

I hope this will be useful to someone and I will probably come back to this if I need to re-install (I do that a lot smile ) and if there is anything that is wrong or doesn't work please let me know and I will edit the post accordingly.



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