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Adding Text to Menu Icon Button

Somethings are so obvious and then you get asked to check something and WOW - find out something new about Q4OS that solves another issue.

When I first started  using Q4OS a few months ago I knew I would need a way to brand each desktop I booted in to as I can have as many as 5 computer screens going at one time. We are talking about $30 to $100 computers - not highspeed sfuff, so if I make the wrong tweak on a slow system or download a bunch of 64bit apps to a 32bit system it would slow down my progress.

I tried a few different things like echo "$HOSTNAME to a text file and popping it up when the system boot. Then I tried an image of the hostname but, it got moved around as I tweaked each system.

And my answer I was so easy; all built-in and easy to do.  ---> Just go in and add text to the Menu Icon and put a background on it.

--> Right Click Taskbar --> Configure Panel... --> Appearance (left pane) --> Button Backgrounds -- TDE Menu [Your Choice]

                                                                   --> Menus --> Checkbox [Display text in Menu Button]

                                                                                        Text: Name (I use spaces to align text and add make box wider)

                                                                                        Font: [pick your font, type, size, style]

SO AWESOME !! - Now I now which system I am on immediately by simply looking at the Menu Button.

No Longer Using Q4OS


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