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who is the team behind q4os

Hello to everybody,

i am trying to get warm with q4os. After reading a lot i recognize that no where is mentioned who is the team behind q4os. Is there a company or some thing like that? How is it organized and in which country is it developed (mainly)? Distrowatch  says that the origin is Germany. Is this correct? And if it is Germany why is not www*q4os*de/ still alive?



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Q4OS Team
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Re: who is the team behind q4os

We are a small International team from central Europe, the main activities we provide in Germany and Czech Republic. We are searching some business partners to be able to build Q4OS as a perfect and professional operating system. We don't want to publish the detailed background of the project now, it could be released depending on our business dealings and/or level of development.

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