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updates will not install

When ever my personal computer (laptop) has to be restarted to finish installing updates, it reverts.  When computer restarts, I'm getting a screen that reads "Failure configuring Windows Updates" & "Reverting changes" & "Do not turn off your computer".  After a few moments, computer will restart again & I get the same screen again.  After a moment or two, it will automatically go to my desktop screen and computer does work normally.  Those updates do not install. I am seeing an Error details: Code 8007843B.  Windows update will check for and download updates very quick.  I'm getting about 75- important updates that need installing.  This all started when I upgraded from Windows Vista last week.  Can you help me?


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Q4OS Team
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Re: updates will not install

Please ask for Q4OS support only on this forum.


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