Q4OS - Desktop operating system

Welcome to Q4OS, desktop operating system designed to offer classic style user interface, simple accessories and to serve stable API for complex third party applications. System is also very useful for virtual cloud environments due to its very low hardware requirements.

Please e-mail all your suggestions to q4os@q4os.org.

Download bootable installation CD images below, you can install and use it free. Keep in mind, this is still beta software. We kindly ask you for a contribution to help us develop the perfect system for everyday use.

q4os-0.5.17-ia64-en.iso ... will be available
q4os-0.5.17-arm-en.iso ... will be available

The minimum HW requirements is calculated as equivalent of Pentium 300MHz / 128MB RAM / 3GB disk.

Any form of Commercial support ask at support@q4os.org.

We are ready to make any kind of system customization, including core level API programming as well as user interface modifications.

Software downloads

Google Chrome ... Google's web browser, the latest stable version.
DebApps [external] ... manage and install applications from Debian repositories.
Wine ... install and use native Windows applications.
Look Switcher ... switch between modern and classical user interface.
Network Manager ... easy way to manage wireless networks.
Virtualbox Guest Additions ... optimized drivers for those who run inside Virtualbox.
Application Server / Client ... accelerated application terminal server and client.

Q4OS Development Pack ... develop software for Q4OS.

Installation is pretty easy. Download installer, doubleclick it from Q4OS filemanager and follow setup instructions.


Q4OS setup and using ... user manual
Available Q4OS Applications ... user manual

Set up a Q4OS Desktop Terminal Server ... administrator manual

Step-by-step to create new Q4OS Application ... developer manual
Q4OS Application install howto, general recommendations ... developer manual


Buy optimized, preinstalled hardware in our e-shop.

Developers, use Q4OS Development Pack as a starting point for custom Applications development, read developer manuals in Documents section above. Please report bugs at bugs@q4os.org.

Become Q4OS Business partner, if you would like to participate, fund or make an investment in Q4OS. Contact us at business@q4os.org and assist to accelerate Q4OS development.